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July 27, 2010 / belleuchtung

Trae’s Eye Lovin’

I guess I’ll show Sage my teenage “I know everything” mindset now. He’s gonna kickThis is actually my wallpaper. my ass with this blog, though. I still don’t entirely get what I should be doing here. The stuff I usually gravitate towards is more along the lines of traditional art, whereas he seems to like design more.
I’ll start off with some simple shit that I’ve taken inspiration from.

1.Moki Mioke (1st shown)
Nevermind that the site is in Russian. Mioke is a German artist, and her work is fascinating.

2. Greg Simkins (2nd shown)
Simkins is my favorite artist, overall. I revere this man’s work. He has an awesome visual style and a wonderful imagination. His paintings could look real if they weren’t depicting things that most couldn’t even imagine.

3. Lawrence Yang
This is some simple shit, but it still inevitably puts a smile on your face. It’s gorgeous work, and that you can often see the tools he uses to make each painting on his blog is pretty awesome.

4. Alex Pardee (3rd shown)
This man is insane. His work is brutal, disgusting, and, surprisingly, really quite artistic. They all show great imagination and emotion. Art doesn’t have to be beautiful, and Pardee’s certainly isn’t.

5. The Newground Art Portal / The Newgrounds Art Forum
DeviantART is shit. The community is full of anime-high shitheads who can’t critique anything worth shit. They only comment to say how much they love people’s drawings. People who want feedback are ignored. The same applies to Newgrounds, but the fact that there’s a quality filter system and a generally small art community end up with a much more receptive environment for one to see other’s art, post their own, and get feedback. It’s pretty easy to ignore the morons. The forum is a really great place for this, because the people who actually spend time there actually tend to care about art, shockingly.

I’ve got a whole hat full of art and design related stuff, but I’m just starting off simple until I get a good idea of what exactly we’re doing with this blog.
I’m ready to have my ass kicked, I guess.


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