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July 26, 2010 / sagewho

I decided to kick Trae in the face with some knowledge. Enjoy

Yo bitch, listen up. So I’ve been playing around with cs5 and it checking out all these features and stuff and I thought, “why not use my little brother as a ‘helper’ for me to learn all these new and wonderful things?” So what if some might call it slave labor or “unpaid” work? pshhh is my response to that. I know you probably think you know everything about everything and all that other teen b.s. I’ve seen that degrassi show and know what you’re going through. Long story short, we’re gonna use this blog as a means for us to pass each other things they find to show each other the fantastic gems in a sea of uselessness. It’ll be a no holds-bared, slam jam, mosh out of amazing eye love.

To start with, we’re gonna have a crash course in:

Eye Love – (a.k.a. eye sex, brain fuckin’, and ‘holy crap my mind is melted’)

1) Ichi The Killer

Absolute Carnage. From start to finish you might be asking yourself, “Really? Sage do you hate me or something?” The answer is NO, well at least most the time. This movie is absolutely ridiculous and no other words will describe it any better. See it.

2) Japanese Logos

Now I know this is a change of pace but thats the point of a nice eye-raping. This collection of town logos from Japan is a good example of graphic work. Stumble is perfect for finding collections like this. Brushes, tutorials, etc are all over the place.

3) Dem some crazy buildings

These things are completely amazing. Some of them aren’t “real” creations yet, just prospective projects, but either way they are still pretty mind blowing. Stuff like this makes me want to pursue architecture.

4) Brushes, brushes, and more brushes (vintage edition)

Last but not least. This is a little more like the goal oriented stuff I want us to share with each other. These brushes are easy to get, install, and use. If you don’t know how to install them just let me know and I can forward you a good tutorial on doing that. The best thing about brushes is that that are excellent solutions for filling white space, helping to increase visual cohesion, and making stuff just look plain out sweet. Find more of these and I am more than willing to try em out.


If you want to post stuff on this blog just email me or message me on facebook and I can set you up an associate blog account that will let you post pics, links, etc. Hope you’re ready for more future eye-loving, I’ll be sure to post on here very soon. Oh yeah, one last thing. Most people want to know what your inspirations and feelings are in connection to a piece, not how much time you spent on it. So stop talking about how much work you put in, and start figuring out why you’re making it in the first place.


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